Leaked images and video for mobile phone of ZTE screen background color (watch)

ZTE Corporation today announced in the month of October last on the phone Axon M, which has the virtue of folding but the flat two separate you can use them as a big one, and now it seems that the Chinese company is working on other phone screen.

Leaked photos and video reveal the design of the phone Nubia Z18S you are working on ZTE, that comes a long without a bump to fill up the valley with the exception of a narrow rim at the bottom and narrower ones at the top. But what distinguishes the phone is that it comes with a screen background on the back.

Unlike what we saw earlier phones came with screen background, such as phone YotaPhone, the Nubia Z18S that the screen background color, it works perfectly as his main but its a smaller size because the rest of the space allocated for the rear camera dual.

But what need ZTE to add this screen, for to screen phone YotaPhone was working on the e-ink came to save energy, the screen Nubia Z18S colored will form the increase of battery consumption.

It seems that the reason behind the addition of this screen colorful background, which eliminate the need for a front camera, which don’t see in the photo or video, together you can capture a photo with a selfie using the rear camera.

What do you think about the design of phone Nubia Z18S is? Let me know in the comments.

Blog leak photos and video for mobile phone of ZTE screen background color (saw) was first deployed in the are.

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