Leaked images and specifications of the second generation of hand control Elite

New Xbox Elite controller

New Xbox Elite controller

Microsoft is planning to launch a new version of the hand control device the Xbox known as Elite download new features and improvements in design, materials and manufacturing to meet my problems of the first generation of them.

Microsoft has announced the first version in October 2015 came the benefits of additional price the top of the controller, the normal amount doubled.

Features new version support the USB-C port for faster integration with the technical developments in the ports, and also supports Bluetooth with PCs running Windows 10 and three levels of sensitivity for Hair Trigger Lock for faster pressure in fighting games and switching between three profiles and options to customize the methods of control are different.

View the photo the possibility of adjusting the mechanism to tighten the button to the thumb with three LED lights show the battery indicator inside the control arm or its support for the personal extra.

Another picture showed a modification of the texture of the materials and manufacture of the button the thumb to relieve or prevent cases of discrimination that was caused when repeated use of the long term compared with the previous design.

Probably Microsoft has not officially announced about this new generation of hand control in exhibition games E3 in June.


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