Leaked image of Motorola’s next folding RAZR

Phone RAZR rollaway will be disclosed on 13 of November next as previously announced the company

تسريب صورة هاتف موتورولا المقبل القابل للطي RAZR

The publication director of the American Evan Blass image via his Twitter account that the Motorola next folding RAZR where it seems the phone the design is similar to significantly for RAZR Classic, which was launched by the company in 2004, where he was very popular then.

It is clear from the image that didn’t reveal much about the phone is that the design of the RAZR will come to similar arrangements that we talked about in addition to request the registration of a patent which the company has previously registered him, to fit on a hinge in the middle, different from what we have seen in the phones of other companies folding in terms of a way to open it is horizontal and when folded it becomes a very appropriate time in the pocket.

In the bigger picture you can note the button in the middle of the slit bottom of the phone, which has a protrusion Internal is similar to that expected in the classic version of the phone, so that seems like the main menu button (Hom).

The projected price of the phone is about $ 1500 as noted a journalist of the Wall Street Journal in an earlier report published by the beginning of the year, knowing that the police have identified 13 of November next as the date to reveal the phone where we will stop on the price and the rest of the details and specifications of the RAZR rollaway which is still unknown.

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