Leaked first image of the phone HTC’s new

Claimed one of the leaks of the new appearance of the HTC phone product development U12 or HTC Imagine for the first time, with the publication of the image is to claim to be the first image of the phone from the Taiwanese company.

Said registration published via Evleaks, that the phone appeared in Taiwan during the event for the fifth generation of the networks as demonstrated by the company during the event to illustrate the advantages of the 5G over the phone.

Phone HTC rhyme in terms of the detail first

Although the label doesn’t show all what we want to know about the next phone, it only shows that the phone will come by the dimensions of the 18:9 with a screen 6 inches such as that owned by phone U11 Plus that released from the police previously, which come without dialogue.

Also explains registration likely that the SIM will be from segments of the next generation which most likely will be provided Snapdragon 845 New which modem X20 LTE from Qualcomm which allows speeds up to 1.2 GB per second, through the emergence of speed 809.58 MB per second in the image of the civil diversion.

We were hoping for more information

Unfortunately, does not clarify the registration any more detail than that as we were hoping. Although it looks real, but that is not certain also must be careful when dealing with this information. He did not explain the source of the leaks until the official name for the next phone from HTC, which may be U12 or Imagine or any other name.

On another side an earlier report by Sogi Taiwan explained that the company is equipped to detect a new phone this year without disclosing the new name of the phone or the timing of release is likely, or any other details pertaining to the upcoming smartphone.

This topic leaked the first image for the new HTC One appeared first on say Delta technology.

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