Leaked features of the upcoming iPhones in 2019 and 2020

IPhone need change and improvement to continue the competition away, and in the recent period appeared many rumors about the possible upcoming phones this year, and next. According to a report published recently, will share the iPhone with the support of networks of the fifth generation this year, but we’ll see this feature phone next year.

The report indicates that the feature footprint in screen coming in the next year, so that many prefer users insight to the traditional Face ID, so that might be users can unlock their phones by tapping anywhere over the screen faster, as it is expected to support the iPhone 2020 feature ToF the rear camera.

Phones iPhone this year will support the rear camera Three designed box which is has become rather uncertain, but the general design would be similar to the phones current, including the availability of the apartments, where the only major change in the design would be the rear camera, and there will be improvements to the interior dignity of the 4 gigabytes of address space instead of 3 gigabytes, and Samsung is the main supplier to companies along with the company LG.

Source: MacRumors

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