Leaked design of iPhone XI

It is just a leak and not necessarily to be a reality especially now that the time is still early for Apple to settle on the design of the fixed and final series of phones that will work on issuing them this year in the month of September.

There is no doubt that the company on the intention to jump a little bit on the design of their traditional and to extra form a new special , the new registration came by singing the famous OnLeaks where posting a tweet with a picture of his iPhone with the name iPhone XI, this photograph is the sheet top coats but Sized a little smaller what we have had , remarkably, back camera three the rear horizontal.

Three camera, the big one in the middle she seemed surrounded by a flash carousel.
Still nothing mentioned about this infusion with a publisher for any other details and the time is still early to talk about the details of the phones Evo new rule this year.

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