Leak of source code for iOS – largest delivery in the history of Apple!

The one of the staff in the Apple leaked the source code for iOS 9.3 and specifically, the important part is in charge of Take-off known as iBoot in the diversion of serious described as the largest in the company’s history of America, so what is this registration? And what is its gravity and its consequences on the users?!

تسريب الشفرة المصدرية لنظام iOS : التسريب الأكبر في تاريخ آبل!

Leak of source code for iOS : recording the biggest in the history of Apple!

Depends iBoot essential part in the system iOS and to him assigned the task of checking the validity of the iOS system when you quit, and that the version installed on the device are certified and reliable, and match the standards of Apple and does not contain any malicious software. Source code leaked for iBoot back to iOS 9.3.

This registration may expose users to risk because it allows hackers and security researchers to examine it, looking for gaps and weaknesses, and has described the Jonathan Levin, one of the researchers renowned in iOS and macOS registration as one of the largest in the history of the Apple TV, despite that the copy of iBoot leaked incomplete files.

Apple officially confirmed the validity of the label and removes it from the platform GitHub and deployed it to the registry, but at the same time also pointed out that women approach dating back to three years ago, and they swapped it in later versions of iOS, and no danger to the user by the registry.

Also confirmed security researcher for TechCrunch the authenticity of the statements attributed to Apple from a security point of view. And enjoy you Apple several layers of protection for iOS and don’t just rely on confidential source code.

Site of the Motherboard made contact with the anonymous person who leaked it. so it is clear that one of the employees of Apple to micro and who has access to those Secret files in order to share it with the community of iOS.

Many of the earlier developers had exploited loopholes in the iBoot to install iOS on the iOS system. It is worth mentioning that the Apple TV will give a reward of $ 200 thousand for any developer be able to find a loophole in the iBoot and reported.

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