Leak: Nokia 5.1 Plus phone average camera background of the double (video)

The company disclosed the HDM at the end of last month for 3 phones from the category of cheap medium and one of which is the Nokia phone 5.1 Android One. It seems that the company decided to put up a larger version of which bears the name of Nokia 5.1 Plus.

He’s obviously still a lot in store company HDM Global Royal brand Nokia business this year, where he published the account leaks famous on Twitter Onleaks@ video never said it signed a preliminary phone Nokia 5.1 Plus.

It looks through the registry to Nokia phone new coming big-screen its 5.7-inch bump in Screen, the most interesting is that Nokia 5.1 Plus may come with two cameras the background is not at all what we see in the market of smart phones available.

As for the specifications of the gear and other, all what we know so far is that it is powered with a processor MediaTek Helio P23.

It is assumed that the called phone is officially all over the world during the IFA conference 2018 the end of the month of August next in the German capital Berlin.

It is worth mentioning that the HDM revealed yesterday on some positive figures about the sales of Nokia X6 in China, which is close to the specifications of the Nokia 5.1 Plus product, will achieve the same success?


The post leaked: Nokia 5.1 Plus phone average camera background of the double (video) was first deployed in the are.

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