Leak images device PlayStation 5

Leaked images of the alleged device PlayStation 5 from the same source (Rozetked) who leaked pictures phone pixels 3 Lite average specifications.

The source says that the photos came from an unknown party confirmed that “appearance of device may change” while Rozetked it does not guarantee the credibility of the photo where it seems the machine as a model of principle and not a real product.

According to previous reports it does not stop the detection of the PlayStation 5 is coming soon, but according to the latest reports of Wall Street that the device may not arrive until 2021. As reported by other reports early in the year that studios closely related with Sony working on the content scheduled for the year 2019 is not informed of the existence of the fifth edition.

This is next to the device image leaked seems in good condition for the device in the development stage; even with the approaching end of the PlayStation 4 who has reached the age of 5 years a few days ago.

Sony will hold a special event with PlayStation soon, but confirmed not to attend by the conference of the Electronic Entertainment E3 next year, what does not leave the field to the expected date of declaration of the new version of the PlayStation; but in any case don’t expect to pass 2021 without advertising about it.

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