Leak images device All Digital’ Xbox One S reveal coming on May 7,

تسريبات صور جهاز All Digital' Xbox One S تكشف عن قدومه في 7 مايو

As expected, Microsoft is approaching the announcement of a new device from platform games the Xbox but the level is different from the traditional level, the device which used to see him carrying a CD player for games and works with the same mechanism for PlayStation will be shown by other IT tablets under the name All Digital’ Xbox One S.

According to the site, Winfuture reliable, the images obtained confirm coming but tablets. Also confirmed the location of his arrival on 7 May of the current year – i.e., three weeks from now almost, although the announcement may be in April 16, two days after the special conference will be organized by Microsoft regarding the Xbox One, will be at the price of 259 USD or 229 EUR.

It is considered the next price of the device higher than the price of the regular version of the Xbox One S but from the perspective that adds a new way to play by providing play via cloud services or with monthly subscriptions unlike the way they operate devices the company currently.

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