Leak has confirmed the existence of Android for push-button telephones

We have already talked about the intention of Google to adapt Android for devices without touch privlege. However, this information should be taken with a grain of salt, because the only evidence that could serve to push the YouTube app. But recently, it added rethought the Chrome web browser, layout of interface elements which also changed in favor of the requirements of the push-button phone.

Despite the change of layout of interface elements, the size of which diminished quite significantly compared to the touch version of Chrome browser practically no lost in functionality and retain visibility. The screenshot shows that the user push-button Assembly Chrome available recommended articles and frequently visited sites. But the most interesting thing in this story is not adapted to a touch-tone telephone Chrome, and the version of the operating system.

Button Android

Most likely, you did not pay attention, but in the upper left corner of the screenshot displays the icon of the notification characteristic for Android 8.1 Oreo. It appears that push-button version of Chrome running on button same version of the operating system of Google which is under testing. This is another confirmation that the devices without touch is still interesting to Google, which actually goes against his principles, to win this market.

Contrary to popular belief that push-button telephones have long gone in the past, the reality is quite different. A striking example – the operating system KaiOS. It can be installed at smartphone with physical controls and enjoys high popularity in India. As practice shows, the degree of prevalence of KaiOS in the local market can compete with Android due to the low demands of resources and abundance of functionality.

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