Leak confirms HTC plans to launch a phone that supports networks of the fifth generation soon

Confirmed leaks of the New Day on the accreditation standards and Bluetooth in one of the versions of HTC smartphones that support networks of the fifth generation, where some suggest that HTC phone 5G is U13.


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Can Company HTC in the competition in the smartphone market during the coming period, where the new leaks posted today on that HTC adopted standards already Bluetooth in the issuance of smart phones that support networks of the fifth generation, which was the focus of some of the leaks over the past year.

Have indicated previous leaks to the plans of HTC for the official announcement about the phone 5G in the second half of 2019, also revealed Evan Blass in a tweet on Twitter that the HTC phone 5G develops already the company is known with the code 2Q6U, where it is expected to apply to the markets entitled U13 or HTC U13 5G.

In recent leaks published via the Android Soul monitor phone HTC in Model Code 2Q6U10000, where the back file with the accreditation standards of the Bluetooth in the phone, where it is estimated that this release supports Bluetooth 5.0.

Recall that the leaks did not reveal the launch date of this version of HTC until now, however, now confirmed the development of HTC phone 5G compete later this year in the phone market.


I know of

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