Leak, confirm Exynos chip in the phone Motorola Vision

Revealed the latest leaks published via Geekbench today about some of the details of the specification of the phone Motorola Vision law, which applies later chip processor Exynos 9610 from Samsung.

Motorola Vision Geekbench leak

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Comes phone new Motorola which is now known بVision with the processor chip Exynos 9610 Samsung according to the details of the new about the specifications of the phone posted via Geekbench, to be the first version of the Motorola with chip Samsung processor.

As projections indicate that this version associated with going to market titled Motorola P40, to be the new version for P30 revealed during the last year.

The monitor phone P40 in the leaks illustrated earlier, the size of the screen of 6.2 inches with the design of the screen hole for all the car selfies, as it comes the logo of Motorola at the bottom of the phone frame.

Also expected to features the design of the back side of the phone with curved glass comes to the top of the metal frame of the phone, as the phone features back camera with double flash, also the phone comes with a USB port C with the entrance to the 3.5 mm headphones.

As pointed out leaks Geekbench to phone بMotorola One Vision, so it is expected to be one of the versions of Android One, with the Android operating system 9.0 Pie, and random 6 GB RAM.

Samsung- Exynos 9610

Recall that the processor chip Exynos 9610 features a precisely manufactured 10 nm, in the unit processor eight nuclei, which is the same chip that supports phone Samsung Galaxy A50, so I expected to come phone Moto Vision in the same level of phones available that apply to the markets this year.


I know of

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