Law and order: the state seized every fortieth bitcoin

According to research by The Crypto Block, through the hands of the governments of different countries were 453 thousand bitcoins. This is 2.6 percent of 17,366 that million bitcoins in circulation. About 85.6 percent of the coins received in the result of the closure of Silk Road and the exposure of criminal groups in Bulgaria. It is important to note that the amount of bitcoins confiscated in time much less General proposal, as government usually immediately sell them through auctions.

Theoretically, when used properly, bitcoin can not be assigned because they are cryptographically protected private key. However, users often do not comply with the safety instructions. In addition, private keys they sometimes beat out by violent means.

One of the largest documented seizure of bitcoin is considered to be the case Silk Road. When in October 2013, Ross Ulbricht was arrested at the closure of the popular darknet market, were confiscated 174 thousand BTC, totaling almost $ 54 million. And all of these coins have passed through the auction.

How many cryptocurrencies are subject to confiscation?

In may 2017 the law Enforcement centre South East Europe (SELEC) confiscated 213519 BTC worth $ 500 million. It is believed that they still are in the Treasury of Bulgaria. Due to conflicting statements of the government of the causes of the incident are still controversial.

Among other instances is the case in may 2016, when the seller of the Silk Road in Australia confiscated 24518 bitcoins. Europol also seized 11 thousand coins in July 2015, and the US government confiscated 6060 BTC in April 2014, and 4 thousand coins in June 2018. As a rule, all such operations have on the US and European countries. More data look at cryptodata.

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