Launched the first trading platform for real estate depend on the rules of the sequential data in the region of the Middle East

It’s nice to see applications of the technique of block chain trolley where I launched the first trading platform specializing in real estate based on the rules of the sequential data is called the gate of its

And sites that constitute the platform gate one of the All-inclusive offer all solutions and services related to all real estate transactions on a global or a local laptop computer or a smart phone; allow any person to communicate with other investors in the real estate field.

Imagine being able to access to the booming real estate in any country and from anywhere in the world, without the need for transactions local bureaucracy and the various processes, in accordance with clear and transparent procedures and content of their databases, serial and many smart.

The portal provides new investment process encrypted connected real estate enables investors to seize the investment opportunities of real estate in all parts of the world. The coverage of portfolio assets in the foundation, Dubai, Mexico, and Australia; but there are partnerships in the pipeline to include the assets of the major markets of the world.

Also plans were to ask first for the code on March 15, 2018, with a whole $ 240 million encrypted will be distributed to all the currency symbols after the expiration of the period of the initial survey for the encrypted. Can’t the introduction of a new symbolic, as you cannot destroy the tokens found.

Exploits the concept of its investment and increasing domestic and international real estate market. Experts say that the total value of the global real estate developer to win 217 trillion USD, a percentage take of the total Stock traded global bonds collateralized debt degrees. In 2016, the total transaction value of global real estate $ 661 million.

Sprinkle Murtaza Khan, CEO, its that this market reduced opportunities, due to its size, and its being fragmented and has not made sufficient progress in the age of technology. We aim to introduce a radical change in the industry, worth trillions of dollars by planning a barrier of entry by investing a princely sum of up to 1000 USD.

Constitute the company’s trading platform a single estate based on the rules of the sequential data where investors can communicate and do the investments involved and conduct cross-border investment.

Aims were to break all the barriers and providing trade real estate international peace through the submission of a portfolio of real estate backed indicators uniform to its users for Sale wholesale, purchase, trade, as is the case in the stock market, in addition to providing all the services necessary to facilitate their investment.

In conjunction with the launch of the portal, you will realize its also the currency symbols to record the transactions of a wide variety of real estate asset and also as a medium of exchange and a store of value.

Think Crypto-currencies are usually broker investment highly volatile, but the currency symbols supported by the characteristics of the material, since you can’t vary the amount of the enhanced safeguards that simple. This limits the risk that the user may encounter in the purchase process of our avatar, will also continue to returns from rent as soon as you buy tokens for real estate.

In addition, it will be relatively easy to transform the lack of liquidity in the traditional real estate markets to liquidity through the trading platform were, where buyers and sellers can conduct buying and selling quickly.

By providing a platform for where you can buy and sell tokens for real estate, the market is transparent, open and provide buyers and sellers all the information they need to make the right decision in hand to provide comprehensive solutions, were now the first real market for real estate in the world. Can preview real estate in accordance with sector, contract type, and location. Provide this way a user all the tools necessary to really become a real estate tycoon global.

The launch of the first trading platform for real estate depend on the rules of the sequential data in the region of the Middle East appeared first on the tech world.

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