Launch date base Apple AirPower for wireless charging in the market

The base of the Apple AirPower for wireless charging is a product that is long overdue, we have mentioned already that it has entered into production in the interests of the partners Apple TV except that the date of its launch in the market may be delayed until the end of the year according to newspaper DigiTimes.

موعد إطلاق قاعدة آبل AirPower للشحن اللاسلكي في الأسواق

Launch date base Apple AirPower for wireless charging in the market

According to the newspaper, the next will be launched in parallel with the versions of iPhone for the year 2019 to the end of the year. The base of the base of the Apple AirPower for wireless charging was announced in September of 2017, and then more than a year without hearing anything about it.

During the past year, talked to a lot of reports about the reasons for the delayed launch of the next which returns mainly for technical reasons related to temperature rise during charging, especially since Next their main advantage the ability to charge multiple devices simultaneously.

If they release the base of the charging end of the year, it means a delay of two years, so we see a lot of owners phones iPhone turn to products of other companies to take advantage of wireless charging feature in their phones.

For those who don’t know: Base AirPower is the base of the oval shape custom to ship several products to Apple TV wirelessly including phones the iPhone 8 and the latest, hour of the Apple Watch Series 3 and newer, and also can hear the AirPods support for wireless charging. Start charging these devices – together or separately – once you put it on the base without the need for any cables while they are connected to the same source of the electric power.

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