Launch browser Cake Browser for all users “Android | iOS”

إطلاق متصفح Cake Browser السريع لجميع المستخدمين "أندرويد | iOS"

إطلاق متصفح Cake Browser السريع لجميع المستخدمين "أندرويد | iOS"

In October last year, the company announced the Cake for the launch of browser new to both Android and iOS systems, and this was all very limited, to the company today made available to the browser for all users.

In relation to the new browser it makes the search process much faster than even the fastest of all the browsers available, being based tactile look and act alike, and its main facade, there is a search bar component of the 5 colored buttons, namely the “audio, video, Internet, news, results of shopping” with the possibility to type in the URL.

The actor in the browser it takes you directly to the result of the first, which are closer to required, and not as other browsers that can show you a tons of search results which usually most of them are unimportant or not intentional, tactile and scroll you can move between the results, it is characteristic of his other he carries a blocker for ads to be activation optional and not default.

If you like looking for images, you’ll get search results typical of Google, as well as the possibility to search for results in sites photos famous likes of Giphy and imgur and Flickr and even engine Bing, and in the case of the video it takes you directly to YouTube, or scroll to the movie studios Vimeo, Bing, Yahoo, Yandex, and the results of the registration uses Google shopping, Amazon and other stores, and search the news results are displayed normally, with the possibility to customize the tabs, such as their order or hide.

إطلاق متصفح Cake Browser السريع لجميع المستخدمين "أندرويد | iOS"

Finally browser Cake Browser is available to download for free and full from on Android and iOS, select it, go to its official site from here.

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