Last hack the Facebook network was not to influence voters

Facebook company

Facebook revealed recently that it suffered a breach where unauthorized people have access to 30 million accounts. Initial reports indicate that these pirates may operate in a foreign state to influence the voters before the midterm elections in the United States. However, they have recently released a new report reveals that the Pirates they want to only sell ads dangers of using accounts which they reached it. Wasn’t their motive to influence voters on Facebook.

The Wall Street Journal reported American citing people familiar with the investigation internal to Facebook, that the Pirates were part of a digital marketing company that alleged they wanted to only use the data to sell ads risk.

When Facebook revealed the hack, said that the people behind it were able to access basic information such as contact information and the names of the 14 million accounts and other information such as relations and records of the recent search for the 15 million users extra. They don’t have access to any information about a million people remaining, apparently.

Even if it doesn’t work the inventors to undermine democracy in the country, it does not justify why this occurs. Did not confirm the Facebook or the implementation of this report so far. I don’t comment publicly about the identity of the hackers too, where it is still investigated by the Federal Bureau of Investigation ” FBI ” in this issue.



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