Large hadron Collider helped to create the first color x-ray

New Zealand scientists have made the first ever three-dimensional colour x-ray of a man using a technique that promises to improve the whole area of medical diagnostics, according to the physics laboratory at CERN, which participated in the project with their imaging technology.

The new device, which is based on traditional black-and-white x-ray technology involves the capture and tracking of particles developed for the Large hadron Collider, which in 2012 found the elusive particle – the Higgs bosons.

“This technology is a color x-ray scan can provide a clearer and more accurate images to help physicians put patients more accurate diagnoses,” reads the statement of the CERN.

Technology called CERN Medipix works like a camera that detects and counts individual subatomic particles as a collision with the pixels in the lens with an open shutter. Born as a result of high-quality and high-contrast image.

According to CERN, the images are clearly visible differences between the bones, muscles and cartilage, as well as the position and size of cancerous tumors.

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