KuCoin delisted 10 tokens because of lower market liquidity. Unlucky?

Singapore crypto currency exchange KuCoin announced the delisting 10 tokens. It is caused by the General decline of the market and the liquidity of coins, which these crypto-currencies are no longer able to conform to a strict set of requirements of the exchange. The decision was made on the background of a prolonged bear market, which made many small illiquid cryptocurrency. The current situation can lead to a variety of problems, including increased vulnerability to fraud scheme the pump and dump.

What is a delisting. In practice

Bearish sentiment for 2018 resulted in a significant outflow of Finance of the cryptocurrency. The hardest was small and not so popular cryptocurrency. In the message exchange refers to the delisting altcoins 10: Jibrel Network (JNT), WePower (WPR), Modum (MOD), EthLend (LEND), STK, Asch (XAS), Bread (BRD), BitClave (CAT), Bitcoin Gold (BTG) and Mobius (MOBI).

As noted, the prerequisites for the delisting of these tokens was a lot. Speech including goes about failure to meet requirements concerning liquidity, compliance, concept development, network security, shopping behavior and solvency. If the projects will not be able to appeal the decision and not attempt to rectify the situation, it will be excluded from the exchange.

The trading of the above mentioned tokens suspended on 24 December 2018. Investors have until 21 March 2019 to withdraw their funds on wallets or other exchanges.

Now KuCoin outlined mentioned the tokens with label ST (Special Treatment), which suggests increased attention on the part of the exchange. Explanation this status is given on the website of the exchange.

The exchange may exclude the token denoted by ST, if the project does not meet the basic requirements of liquidity until the end of the observation period. In addition, the exchange reserves the right to delisting token before the end of the observation period, if it considers that the project is not going to take any action to remedy the situation.

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