Know your enemy: the most popular scams in the world of cryptocurrency

Fraudsters are becoming more inventive, so cryptomnesia must maintain constant vigilance. The fake platform that simulates the operation of conventional exchanges. Clones of addresses which at first glance seem identical to the ones where you usually send money. Yes, in the world of cryptography there are many excellent opportunities for earnings, but fraud is big business that cannot be ignored.

How to steal your money

Boom. ICO or IPOs tokens — a long time has passed, however, fraudulent projects have not gone away. Now they are much smaller than in 2017, but the remaining part still successfully lure money from gullible victims. Everything occurs according to the old scheme team fraud creates a “promising new project”, actively promote it on social networks, collects the money and disappears.

Even before their disappearance fraudulent project is easy to calculate according to several characteristics. Often, criminals don’t put a lot of effort and just copy someone else’s Wallpaper. They also did not disclose the addresses, office location, contact information and the names of the team.

In addition, there are a range of ways to defraud investors. For example, one of them creating a fake exchange with the very best rates and commissions. Once the trader makes the Deposit into your account on this trading platform, he will not be able to get your money back in the future.

Also do not forget about the numerous Ponzi schemes, in which the number of victims can grow exponentially. In the last month of the financial pyramid have become a real headache for the blockchain of Ethereum. Smart contracts fraudsters have caused a serious load on the network Aldona what the fee for the transfer ETH skyrocketed.

More inventive scammers create native mobile apps in the form of clones of purses for Ethereum, NEO and Tether. Fake application often asks the user to reveal their personal information or substitute the real purse of the recipient of the crypts on the rogue’s wallet during the transaction.

Source: Bitcoinist

Finally, one of the most popular types of fraud — attacks on users of Twitter and other social networks under the guise of free distribution of cryptocurrency. On Twitter you can often see messages where Elon Musk, Binance, Coinbase and others offer to multiply your bitcoins for a small fee.

This is a fake account scams that you need to leave a complaint. To send the cryptocurrency, it is impossible — they will simply be a gift to crooks.

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