Know the six ways can the hacker through the theft of your PC and your accounts

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You may be surprised. B – “password” your account has suddenly changed to be known then he might have been stealing your PC and your account, but the problem is you don’t know how he did it or what the way in which hired for the stolen “password.” account in order to avoid the occurrence of it in the future . This is the goal of this blog is to give you the most ways that acheive hackers to steal your PC account, whether it’s in-depth account on the site social media or in forums or on some sites that use them .

Pages and fraudulent Phishing

Of ways the most common is to steal the password through the page fraudulent or a Phishing what is phishing? the The Phishing is a page forged to be similar as the official websites (websites you visit ) these pages will be in the state (space ) possessed by the hacker and when you enter on that page is fake and the password, the password will be sent to the hacker and so happen this is the report on your PC and you . Way to convince you to enter on the page, the forger may get rid of hacker to hacker, there are some will page on the Inbox of the middle of the two person of the domain they ask you to change changing your account after you click on the link to be redirected to a page forged instead I expect to page of the real location of this watch is always to website address and make sure it’s real before you put the password in any page .
Smell Sniffing

This method is followed by a hacker in case you are in the same network as you are connected to the Internet through an Internet cafe using your computer or at work or school where everyone is connected to the same network provides the hacker using some software or tools for stealing any of your PC and enter in the site where that password becomes passes from his computer before passing to the server of the site so he can read it without problems to protect yourself, Always test the sites using the https protocol, such as latest Facebook only after the introduction instead .

Social engineering

You may use hacker-style social engineering for password it is trying to collect all the information about you for identify hemorrhoidal possible but also for the theft of the account by answering the secret question for the account for this always try to be the password that you choose for your accounts is not to do with your own life or work as well for other to ask it in the account you don’t choose an answer a health question such as if you chose the question in what year were you born grandma? Select the answer to be the “hour hand ” so can’t the hacker hack your account out of to provide a good answer to the question . In case asked, because the answer that you chose, you’re account has no connection with the real answer .

Hacking databases for sites

You might say hackers hacking into databases of some of the famous sites which contain thousands of data may be an e-mail this app login you use for this you may use that data in the experience of access at the expense of your other in the internet that don’t know the password that registered by the entry in sites and forums is the same as that used in login to your email .

Guessing brute forcing

In case if you don’t change the password from time to time may be a victim of guess hemorrhoidal a process that uses the hacker to the programs as well as to the devices you make a guess – “password” your account through the experience of thousands of possibilities per second, for this by changing the password from time to time .

Use malware

It is the known methods is the use of Trojan and malware in the theft of account, where the hacker sends you a Trojan is a program that can the hacker access to the computer, trade it, was to sit on all the password that you enter to your computer and so can you cracked, that’s why don’t go to any link you are unsure of and anything online only after making sure its source .
These were some ways through which you may say hacker stole your PC and your account if you have any other ways to files to share in learning .

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