Know the prices of devices to Toshiba after the initiative to reduce the prices of the group of Arab

IPad group Arab for household appliances lowered their prices recently, where she witnessed the products of Arab decline vary from product to product, in order to relieve the burden on its customers according to the official source at the Arab.

Included direct Arab to reduce the prices of most products of home appliances from Toshiba, the Arab Toshiba, including screens, Toshiba refrigerators and dip freezer, washing machines, vacuum cleaners and fans, has become the prices of the products of Toshiba that included the reduction as follows:

Screen Toshiba

32-inch price 2899 £ – 40 inches at the price of 4499 £ – 43-inch 5199 pounds – 49-inch 6099 pounds – post 9999 pounds – 65-inch 16,999 pounds.

Toshiba refrigerators

Model Gr-ef31 silver at the price of 4645 pounds – model Gr-ef33 silver at the price of 4970 pounds – model Gr-ef40p at the price of 5840 pounds – model Gr-efv45 silver at the price of 6100 pounds.

Deep freezer Toshiba

Deb Fraser Gf-18 silver at a price of 5325 pounds – Gf-22h silver at the price of 6255 pounds.

Washing machine Toshiba

Washing machine semi automatic 7 kg at the price of one – click automatic 8 kg 3399 pounds – Bean automatic 13 a kilo at the price of 6899 pounds – Bean automatic 15 kg at the price of 7355 pounds – Bean automatic 17 km at 7855 pounds.

Place PHOTO Toshiba

Vacuum cleaner capacity of 1600 watt at a price of 1315 pounds – 1800 watts at the price of one – 2500 watt at 2730 pounds.

Fans Toshiba

Fan CM backup at the price of 839 pounds – without the remote, 749 pounds – fan-CM stainless remote, priced at 1089 pounds – without remote, at the price of 945 pounds – fan wall remote at 589 pounds – and without the remote, priced at 549 pounds.

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