Know the price of Galaxy A7, the first phone from Samsung with three cameras background

Samsung announced the launch of phone Galaxy A7 earlier today as the first smartphone Korean company with a camera background of the three, and there was a lot of hype for this device in the days before its launch. If you didn’t Samsung ever launch of a smartphone camera system three before that, so many users are eager to experience the phone to see how the quality of the cameras three.

Reported Samsung in the press release that this device will be available in selected markets across Europe and Asia this fall. Will be presented in blue, black and golden pink. In the statement did not require the company to price the phone, but SamMobile website said he had received official information in this regard.

The site said the specialist news Samsung the phone Galaxy A7 will be available in the markets of Europe and Asia at a price of 350 euros or the equivalent of 410 USD.

But the site didn’t happen to any version of the phone will be available at this price, as Will the phone is available in three copy, in relation to the star, the first: 4 GB + 64 GB, the second: 4 GB + 128 GB, and the second: 6 GB + 128 GB.

Are you considering the acquisition of the Galaxy A7’s? Share your opinion in the specs and the price of his comments.

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