Know the Mavic Mini .. the smallest aircraft career from DJI

The company announced (DJ AI) DJI on Wednesday from its rally the younger even now (DJ ay Mavi you Mini) DJI Mavic Mini, which would be very light and foldable and designed for personal use daily.

She said the company is specialized in the manufacture of aircraft and techniques of aerial photography in the statement: if its the March the latest (Mavi you Mini) weighs 249 grams only, which is portable and easy to fly, and to ensure the security and ideal for anyone who wants to experience the fun of flying.

Added (D. G. I.): “think (Muffy of your Mini) on technical innovations in Series aircraft, foldable (Stuff A) affiliate has the GI, starting from a plane (Mavi pro) original, and even (Mavi your air), and(Mavi 2), and are offering features aircraft standby in the lightest frame possible”.

And feature plane (Mavi your Mini) the new possibility to fly up to an altitude of 3000 meters above sea level, so for 30 minutes, it supports GPS+GLONASS, supports materials and their installation on the three axes. The camera is 12-megapixel with a field of view of 83 degrees and a lens f/2.8, and the level of exposure of light ISO for audio and video ranges between 100 and 3200.

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Know the Mavic Mini .. the smallest aircraft career from DJI

The camera can capture images with a resolution of 4000 x 2250 pixels, and can record video accurately 2720 x 1530 pixels at 30 frames per second, and accurately 1920×1080 pixels at 60 FPS. And battery capacity control device and the video its 2,600 Ma/H.

This can be booked a plane (Mavi you Mini) as of today from the company’s website. It will be available in two options, including option one: the drone, the control device, the battery one, and a range of additional tools and wiring necessary for 399 USD. The other option Mavic Mini Fly More Combo which includes all the first option, to the side of the cage, the fans 360 Propeller Cage, and shipping dual, three batteries, three sets of the fans-ins, and cover the campaign versus the $ 499 USD. Will begin charging an aircraft (Mavi you Mini) new as 11 of next November.

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