Know the key features of Google Chrome after the update last

Unlike the updates of the sub VI, called Chrome in its version number 73 with a number of possible new phenomenon, where it begins with a new section on behalf of the sync services to Google in the settings, add more nurses associated with the account Google, with support for several features to allow support of a feature picture-in-picture to view the video in separate windows, in the case benefited the developers of it.

Adds a section to sync all new options information that says Google collected in the browser, which had been classified previously within the Privacy menu, will also improve the property to correct the spelling mistakes, writing, in addition to several other characteristics allow the protection of the users while using the design style hidden.

Will this update also displays alerts in the icon of the chrome during the open it taskbar, windows or any other system such as the display of the number of notifications Facebook unread, as will support to private display picture in picture, useful especially during video calls, although this feature will be supported initially for developers only.




You will also choose a feature to skip the ads in the windows of video services supporting such as YouTube, with support discrimination control buttons in the video and whether Chrome actually or service, which works on both Windows and Mac and Chrome OS.

As for Android, it will adds chrome 73 download program New, where there will be a conveyor line shows the level of progress of the bottom of the screen, while the analytics page images and full-width with the possibility to choose the classification desired.

Chrome 73 Omnibar edit

Chrome 73 Omnibar edit

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