Know the date of validity of the version of Windows you have before I surprise you by stop functioning

تعرف على تاريخ صلاحية نسخة الويندوز لديك

Recognize that 60% of the editions of the operating systems Windows various issue its not legal especially in our Arab region ! And even if you think that art has installed an original copy of a paid on your computer or laptop .. it is not necessarily that he did it actually. You can learn it from the value of the device and its price before and after your negotiations with him about the system type and how to install it.

There are a lot of ways and means which enables you to learn a real system that was driven or otherwise and the version that you have already licensed or not.
We have noted down some of those roads through the previous articles you can access from the internal search engine of the site.

Munch to you in our article here is that the message that appears for some users of the operating systems Windows remember their date of expiration and their renewal license will not necessarily remind you that material which is produced by the and prevent us after access to the system only after the re-do it !

You know, on the expiration date, a copy of Windows

To know the expiry date of those links, you will find that the shortest amount of candy you receive to the implementation of one of the following orders :

Using prompt commands Command Prompt of course you must know the accessible from the Start menu or by typing this CMD in the search bar Cortana the bottom of the system.

Write your to continue following and pressing Enter:

slmgr -xpr

You will find a window summarizing for you the expiry date which is often dated more than 30 days from articles that appear with alerts the system about the need to renew the activation process.

The following picture explains it :

The second way to write it. winver in the search bar Cortana the bottom directly to show him a window that describes the history of the cross.

Van you encounter such a message you should do a male to exceed that date.

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