Know the advantages of the first trial version of the Android system Q

Launched Google in the last few hours of the first beta version of the Android system 10 or the which means of the Android Q where will the letter Q is the codename of the system so learn to Google for the official version in the name of one of the sweets that start with the letter Q.

The system holds a lot of line and challenges on performance and design have also been added some new features and re-arrange or design the advantages of the previous show better than the previous as the most important Matam catch until now is the following:

  • The default skin on the entire system.
  • Check the permissions and the possibility to disable the site out of any application.
  • New lines.
  • Supporting devices folding.
  • Improve list participation.
  • Add put the computer to Desktop Mode
  • Improved the speed of opening applications.
  • Focus on improving the security and privacy of users.
  • Add the possibility to record the screen video.
  • Improve scans through the clouds to the right and left.
  • Support a lot of standards for audio and video communication and new approaches.

Also the system provides some new features such as time, are the battery and undo the delete the apps and also the possibility to watch the WIFI network for ways to Barcode QR and other advantages which will be discovered is sold in trial version.

Google has confirmed that it will launch 6 version trial before the announcement of the final version of the system in the second quarter of this year, maybe in August or September.


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