Know the accessories fantastical for iPhone X !

Definitely phone the EVO X is the best smartphone of Apple even now, with a major great such as wireless charging, face recognition via the Face ID, and a brilliant OLED edge-to-edge, and of course we can’t forget about the feature Animojis fun-filled.

If you are lucky enough to get this fantastic phone then you will need to achieve the maximum benefit and with him, so we will explore with you a range of the best accessories EVO X existing in the market.

Charger Choetech Qi wireless possible

Most wireless chargers require the development of iPhone X on the back to make a connection and charging, but not this with Choetech, standing with the phone in portrait mode, making it easier to unlock the phone using Face ID and use it during charging, it is very suitable for the office or during work.

You can buy charger now possible from Amazon at the price of 13.9 million from here .

Device Belkin audio 3.5 mm port charging

Device Belkin solve the bigger problems of your EVO X, namely the lack of headphone port. The device provides the possibility to connect a wired headset to the old without having to cancel the port Lightning only, which allows you to sync or charge your phone while listening to music.

You can buy a Belkin now from Amazon at a price of 33.99 USD from here .


Charger Mount wireless control

The charger Mount charging your phone since the inside of the car the strength of 10 volts to keep the phone in front of you while driving in case of use of an application such as maps.

You can buy charger Mount now from Amazon priced at 39.99 USD from here .

Charger Yootech wireless cheapest leyva

Depends charger Yootech of the cheaper chargers wireless iPhone, which provides the experience of wireless charging, the real price does not exceed $ 10!

The shipper is not the best in the market and it takes from 3 to 4 hours to drink, but you can try to experience the wireless charging without the cost of high.

You can buy charger Yootech now from Amazon at the price of $ 9.99 from here .

Most of these products enjoy a substantial discount on Amazon, that price after discount.

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