Know on what was said by Tim Cook to his employees after the announcement of the revenue decline, Apple is expected for the first quarter

تعرف على ما قاله تيم كوك لموظفيه بعد الإعلان عن تراجع إيرادات آبل المتوقع للربع الأول

After the announcement of the CEO of Apple, Tim Cook, about the decline of income for investors during the first fiscal quarter of its fiscal year, which ends on 29 December, he sent cook an e-mail to his employees where he talks about some of the details that contributed to it during the financial period.

Cook said the mid staff and: “this day we sent a letter to investors Apple TV show them our review of the forecasts of the last quarter in Quarter special holidays (first), which I encourage you to read it. As you can see, our revenue declined from the sales of the iPhone, especially in China.”

He completed the city of Apple executive: “while we as shade for declining revenue, we have record numbers for the services and wearable devices and Mac devices. As to our revenue in America, Canada, doubled compared to last year we recorded a record in sales of Christmas.”

Seems to reduce the sales of iPhone as the Big Apple, where it’s already at the end of last quarter talking about the initial expectations of between 89$-93$ million, but they are now talking about 84 million only.

Maybe this is new, but the fact that it was available to many in the recent period after rising competition with the manufacturers of Android phones, and the problems of the police in China and Germany to stop sales of some phones, and most importantly to the company itself talked last quarter about our intention not to disclose units of the iPhone sold later, which is inspired by their decline in number of units during the financial period.

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