Know Google Play Services is detailed

Who doesn’t know what Google Play Services? And who didn’t wonder about the importance of accurately and why takes quite a distance on the device, and why there are some apps that don’t work without it.

These questions and more we will answer them through this article.

Before the start of the talk, let’s get back in time to the days android the first, when for example let’s take an application like Google maps which Google Play Services could not be updated until the release of the Android version of the new, i.e. you have to wait for the Android version until you update the app, of course this word was applied to some Google Apps but not all.

But with the advent of the “Service Pack Google” Google Play Services after the Android version 2.2 it is now possible to update the applications related to the services of Google, independently of the update of the entire system.

Google Play Services is not applied in the sense of rolling we have, but it is a group which displays interfaces software API an abbreviation for Application Programming Interface. Any set of tools that allows programmers to use several built software to build any application or operating system or other software applications and integrate the API with the software components of the core, and the status of Google Play Services, they are tools that provide direct communication between the Android platform itself and the applications of Google.

And, of course, because of its major importance, the set of permissions requested by the app is too big but no need to fear of these permissions, they are present to facilitate the work of Google Play Services, thus facilitating the work of all Google Apps related, especially the guard on the delivery of updates to these applications.

Not limited to important Google Play Services, delivering updates only, but it is competent to communicate between everything related to Google and the rest of the applications, any for example, let’s say you don’t like to use the Google application to your e-mail Gmail and using e-mail service and independent at the same time use the Gmail account, the Google Play Services function receipt of your information relating to your email to the application email the independent that you want to use.

The same thing applies to other apps such as maps and other.

Some people may ask about the possibility to disable Google Play Services

In fact, it’s no longer that simple. currently, the Google Play Services Pat of greater importance than ever before, but it’s not impossible to disable it, there are many of the Roms modified for Android like LineageOs which is fully working without any service from Google services, it’s up to personal taste, but I personally find that the synthesis provided by Google through its own apps is one of the best combinations of integrated services.

May take a Google Play Services a lot of battery life, the reasons behind this struggle are many, but the problem often is not the application itself but there are many reasons related to compatibility or the presence of many of the Google Accounts on the device itself, I will explain you some basic things here.

Until we know whether Google Play Services consumes a lot of battery we just need to go to settings of your device then the battery is showing us what is the ratio of the consumption of Google Play Services the battery, the women were great, there are many possibilities as I mentioned.

It may be the cause of the problem is having an older version of Google Play Services on your device, or may be this version is not compatible with your device especially if your old.

To resolve the theme is simple, we can come to Google Play Store and make sure Google Play Services is updated to the last update, but especially if the machine is old I would recommend experimenting with the way the following, whether it is consumption of Google Play Services battery large or small.

This method requires knowledge of a range of things about your phone because Google Play Services no group of women is by going to Settings then app and Google Play Services will see under the name of the application Version and in brackets we have the app version and here are the last three numbers after the (-) which expresses the following things:

The first number from the left: manifest version of Android on the device, but didn’t know what version of Android your device you can go to Settings and then about device and go down under to get an Android version.

So that 0 indicates that the version of Android on the device is 4.4.4 or older

2 shows that the version of Android on the device is 5.1 or 5.0

4 shows that the version of Android on the device is 6.0

The second number reflects the architecture of the Processor so that 1 indicates that the processor architecture the user is armeabi

3 shows that the architecture of the Processor the user is armeabi-v7a

4 shows that the architecture of the Processor of the user are arm64-v8a

7 shows that the architecture of the Processor used are x86

The second number expresses the DPI or Dots Per Inch which the density of pixels the screen so that 0 indicates that this fabric is suitable for any device, whatever its accuracy

2 shows that the density of the pixels for $ 160

4 shows that the density of the pixels to the company of $ 240

6 shows that the density of the pixels to the company of $ 320

8 shows that the density of the pixels for $ 480

As you can see in the picture, the last three digits are 242 and they express that an Android version is 5.0 or 5.1-core processor are Arm64-v8a and accurately screen of 160 dpi, this means the device carries the wrong version of Google Play Services because the version of Android on the device is 4.4.4.

And then you know to look for the appropriate for your device just go to the website APK Mirror which throws us many women for which we must search for the suitable version won’t.

There is another way to know the specification of our system in detail by the application of CPUz which we can download it from here.

Knocking us the application CPU z all the detailed information about the device exactly like the ones on the case.

There’s a point I want to mention here is a software that turn off operations “non-essential” in the background, which I strongly advise to stay away from them because the shutdown of these operations, and although they really help speed up the device, however, these programs may stop some of the processes relating to Google Play Services or other necessary tasks, and therefore the device will stay an extra effort to restart these services and processes that it may seem to us like Google Play Services or other consumes the battery percentage is large while the error is not in the app but in the use of Bad programs to accelerate your device.

Blog you know the Google Play Services are detailed and published first in are.

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