Know app Google Fit is now the last of your training on your home screen

يعرض تطبيق Google Fit الآن آخر تدريباتك على شاشتك الرئيسية

Last summer received the application of Health and fitness Fit with Google a major update, with it enabled the company to design a new investigation, with the addition of many useful advantages of the other, and now the company launches an update to another of no less importance than the previous version, where it became the application supports the display of another of your workouts on your phone’s home screen.

Thanks to the support of the app is now a property of the widget, therefore you’ll be able as a user to the install a small tool on the main screen, will help you a lot when you want to quickly check your stats daily including the number of steps and calories burned, and miles traveled and other other numbers.

Also with this update will give you the app latest your routines on the Home screen, which may be a catalyst for additional, as you can now modify the intensity of the activity manually, and finally if you use the smart watch will provide you application breathing exercises that aim to help you relax.

Download update Google Fit here.

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