Know a property video calls in groups WhatsApp

Enabled WhatsApp feature video calls in groups in the updated final for release demo available for Android phones which carries the figure of V. 2.18.189, according to the calculation WABetaInfo interested in trackers news of WhatsApp on the Twitter platform.

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The Facebook company the owner of WhatsApp has announced the availability feature video calls in groups during events, its annual conference for developers F8, and only to users of the demo version start video calls in groups, and can be any other user to be a part of it even if you don’t used the demo version.

The user can add up to 4 other users via a button to add more users button in the upper right corner of the screen.

Had the property first in the demo for some users, the Chosen Ones, before they are made available in the v2 update.18.52 for users of the iOS system. Now it is available to users of the demo version of Android starting from version 2.18.145 ff.

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