Kitchen smart LG caters to the desires of the user

Revealed company LG Electronics at the Consumer Electronics Show CES 2018 in Las Vegas for a vision of the future for the smart kitchen is connected to the internet, which will allow the device the ability to anticipate the needs of the family and reduce the time of preparation of the food, the company estimated in the range of products the smart kitchen LG.

These were the products in the three inside Theo you, and ovens easy cliff, Dishwasher, Quad tattoos, the purpose of these organizations came to serve the users with the highest levels of efficiency, and to prevent their time welcome to spend with their families at home.

Features three LG with another ThinkPad

Through the technique of anti thet you provided by LG will user The maximum of comfort, the fridge is over available a crystal for it twice to propose items many of the food according to the ingredients found in the fridge, thereby providing also a loss choosing foods everyday, then tell the fridge to send the information to the team related with the voice assistant. assist the cook in preparing food by reading the access steps.

It offers intelligent Kitchen, the possibility to listen to the songs preferred by my website Amazon music and HART radio and other sites, music broadcast, nor stand the advantages of three inside Theo you have that, it also offers a system of food management is easy to use through a Web Platform or ABS, and the added feature posters and information and the expiration date to the Office of food stored in the refrigerator smart, and alert the user when they expire.

As the user can control the fridge via his smart phone through the lens of the camera-angle panoramic view. installed in three inside Theo, what helps him in knowing the material that it contains is in the heart of the shopping tour weekly.

Features oven LG easy Fi

And through cooperation with other companies such as in and, the devices provide LG appliances equipped with artificial intelligence and the ability to wireless connectivity via Wi-Fi, a wide range of services for users, for example, when you connect the oven LG easy cliff the appropriate application of the access to information food recipe wirelessly and automatically start at a specific time heating process in advance to a certain temperature.

Not only that, there is the advantage of more fascinating, when the team needs to be cleaned which is an easy process because of the enamel coating with advanced hydrophilic– sends a difference notification this automatically via smartphone for the homeowner.

In order to become the process of cleaning the dishes more easily send oven easy clen the necessary information to the Dishwasher Quad Macintosh connected to the internet, which specify the steps the optimum wash cycle based on the remnants of foods that were in the dish.

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