Kings top of the phone Galaxy S10 5G suffer from problems in to call the police


After launching the initial in South Korea last week, it seems that the phone Galaxy S10 5G which is the first phone 5G are available commercially facing some problems in the network.

Kings top of the phone Galaxy S10 5G are reporting speeds of less than expected limited coverage and the problem of switching between LTE and 5G. Some of the Kings that their unit does not connect to 4G LTE even after reboot. Of course, this is a big problem especially in places where there are no 5G because that would make the phone out of the coverage completely.

These problems appear to have all clients of telecommunications companies of the Big Three in South Korea, which provide generation networks 5G. Tried Samsung to solve this problem by issuing update phone Galaxy S10 5G in the month of April, but this update was not enough to solve the problems of calling the police. Threw Samsung then blame the telecom companies for not improving their networks, but the latter denied any responsibility.

According to experts in the sector, so the problem lies in the terminals 5G special on the telecom companies but not to improve the network. As is the case with youth, we expect to spend some time before work 5G as intended.


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