King of the night. Who photographs better — Pixel 3 XL or the OnePlus 6T?

In early November, the enthusiasts have compared the capacity of the chambers 20 Mate Pro and OnePlus 6T. The flagship Huawei is one of the strongest solutions for photography on the market, so his opponent had a hard time. Thus 6T coped well and showed decent result. Now he fought with the leader of the line Pixel. Interestingly, the journalists were filming in both modes — Nightscape and Night Sight.

Potential OnePlus 6T were measured including using third-party software. We are talking about portaromana the Google Camerawhich has a mode support Night Sight. The possibility of the latter lagging behind the firmware on Pixel 3 XL, but it is kind of like a ahead brand Nightscape from OnePlus. The experiment was conducted by the employees of 9to5google.

From 6T will be three pictures, from Pixel 3 XL — two. In the case of the flagship OnePlus is the automatic mode, built-in ported Nightscape and Night Sight. From Pixel 3 XL see automatic shooting and native Night Sight.

The first test is the clock tower.

On bringing the winner among the solutions for OnePlus 6T was the Night Sight.

Have Pixel surprisingly good showing auto mode.

Then follows the estate. The streets were dark and the only light sources inside. OnePlus 6T.

The result of the automatic mode Pixel 3 XL approximately the same.

The photos below show a British pub. It’s difficult lighting, making the machine OnePlus 6T gave a dark image. Two other modes have shown themselves from the best side. In this Nightscape noticeable Peresvet, and the Night Sight in the eye catches a blur.

The result for Pixel 3 XL automatic mode much steeper. Night Sight surprising — number of the car shows great.

A feature of the next location — insufficient lighting. Here Night Sight from OnePlus gave out much more light. The machine is very blurred.

Pixel 3 XL showed good exposure, but before the definition too far.

The last test — the almost complete darkness. Have Nightscape and Night Sight for OnePlus 6T completely different white balance. The author of the images said about the impossibility to take a few steps without a flashlight, so that the smartphone managed.

Night Sight from Pixel 3 XL I was surprised. The result is reminiscent of a late evening, but not night.

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