King of the blockchain: average transaction value of Bitcoin above BSV 125 times

Bitcoin is very often involved in scandals involving forks of the cryptocurrency. They are often compared to BTC, but so far no coin has been unable to surpass the project of Satoshi Nakamoto. According to the service average transaction value of Bitcoin does not go to any comparison with what is happening in the blockchains BCH or BSV.

Recently, the SV Bitcoin Creator Craig Wright has filed a lawsuit against criptonita Hodlonaut. Wright accuses him of defamation and moderate twisting of the facts. However, his plan did not bring him any good — Bitcoin is soon SV will disappear from most of the major exchanges because of bad behavior Craig.

What we appreciate Bitcoin

Bitcoin is used for money transfers more often — the average cost of each transfer in BTC is 101,21 dollar. The Bitcoin Cash Bitcoin and SV are lagging very far behind in this matter. The average transaction of the first costs only 2 cents and the second — almost one dollar.

Why a so big gap? According to analysts, a significant backlog of altcoins due to the huge credit of trust of big investors in Bitcoin. They prefer to invest their capital in BTC than seriously increase the cost of transfers in the network cryptocurrency.

Source: BitInfoCharts

Data bitinfocharts correlate with the testimony of Google Trends. Recall that an increase in the price of Bitcoin has significantly increased its popularity in the Internet information about the BTC looking for even morethan about Ilona Mask. By analyzing the number of keywords is possible with high probability to determine the further movement of the price of the home currency.

Today Bitcoin is trading at $ 5099. For the past day the coin fell 1.4 percent, and its market capitalization is recorded at around 89,99 billion dollars. Actual market situation discussed in cryptodata of hontarov.


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