Kim Dotcom: bitcoin would benefit from a trade war, the United States with the world

This week Donald trump has declared a trade war on China, Canada, Europe and Russia. The President of the United States has imposed duties on imports of aluminum and steel, as well as hundreds of other types of goods. In response, the country imposed duties on American goods — from consumer to industrial.

Bitcoin millionaire and Creator of one of the largest US sites with pirated content Megaupload Kim Dotcom believesthat cryptocurrency would benefit from trade wars — digital money will save the operating volume in case of a fall of traditional markets.

What awaits critobulus

Trade wars are draining the strength of the global economy — money that could obtain a particular company or entity, remain in the Treasury. This leads to a decline of traditional markets and falling economies, according to Dotcom.

Until a trade war is not led to the fall of the financial markets, I suggest to buy cryptocurrency. The US aggression and the escalation of the conflict, butt contribute to the growth of the market of digital money.

The analyst added that trade conflicts also lead to higher inflation: when the economy falls, the Central Bank starts to print money and pour them on the market. Along with the duties on goods this leads to a significant increase in prices and fall in the profitability of the trade. Digital money in this case be more stable than Fiat, said Dotcom.

Let’s hope that Kim’s forecast regarding the growth of the stock market will come true. This is especially true in the current situation, when Bitcoin drops, and yesterday broke the psychological mark of 6 thousand dollars.

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