Killer software Ransomware WannaCry face imprisonment up to five years

I think Marcus Hutchins responsibility for the two counts on conspiracy to commit piracy of the computer, which knew the law of software Ransomware famous WannaCry where he pulled over two years ago.

And deal with the accused to drop eight other charges were addressed to him, in the event adopted two additional two which I got.

Cross Hutchins about his regret and sorrow at the About did his blaming himself the entire responsibility, according to a statement published on his own website. He added that it will be time to protect users from malware attacks.

The CIA had arrested security researcher Marcus Hutchins the tail of the 23 spring in Las Vegas while attending a conference DefCcon specialized in the field of digital security.

And reports then that his arrest came on the background of the development and dissemination of the methodology of the Kronos malware that targeted banks between 2014 and 2015.

Recall that Hutchins discovered a solution to stop the spread of software Ransomware WannaCry two years ago through the domain name registration depends software.

And WannaCry to 75 thousand computers in 150 countries around the world.

Now the case is in front of the discretion of the judge to determine the length of imprisonment appropriate to store a maximum of five years in addition to fines the past can be imposed.

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