Kia reveal the cabin of a car adapt to your mood

A lot of us wondered about the shape and specifications of self-driving cars that will save us from one place to another without the need for any human interaction, and it was the opinion of the cupcake in it that it must be the passengers comfortable as much as possible, using the advanced apparatus to read the problems of the passengers.

Already announced that the Korean company for their cooperation with the research group at the Massachusetts Institute of technology to develop a car optional will appear on the ground at CES CES, will be called the READ, where it will continue to lead the smart adapt to your mood of the current, by creating the inner chamber compatible with the mood and emotions of the passengers.

Details are few so far about what can be done by car, but Kia has confirmed that it will contain “technology to recognize signals of life,” then will the artificial intelligence in the sense of the feeling the occupants of the car, she can adjust the “circumstances related to the governance of the people inside the cabin”, so as to provide “the experience of more joy for the passenger” as described, we believe that it would use the lights more, music, surroundings, and perhaps even certain smells to sooth and satisfy the passengers.

And Kia that it will be announcing more details later, but definitely still self-driving cars like this is far-fetched, as the company Kia is not the maker of the only cars that think about what do we do when we don’t have to driving, where Audi plans also to develop the recreational route will be announced during CES.

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