Keyboard Gboard add prepare a GIF image of the text and more languages

لوحة مفاتيح Gboard تُضيف إعداد صورة GIF من النص والمزيد من اللغات

Received keyboard Gboard developed by Google, the new update supports the Android operating system, and in this update there is improvement of some features already available, where it comes to the option of creating image files, animated GIF, which was added to the plate not too long ago.

Generally using the newest version of the Gboard on the Android platform, you will be able to create GIF files of the text other than the photo, which is already an option available for users, also mentions the change log to the page with the app on the Play store, where users will be now able to search for posters in 15 other languages.

From another side there is support for 28 languages new here is this list that is expressly not hear any language before: “the prostitute, Batak toba, benxi, Helen, the cabins, the than Maine East, Fiji, India, area, and agree, the Ingush, the Karachay, the concrete translation, IPsec, and maharashtrian being, Liszt, mezzo, maguindanao, Malay (Brunei), the marangu, Maine South, Sami North America, Asia, and the rinconada bicol, surgery, and two, the Saxon Supreme Court, have”.

Download update Gboard from here.

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