Keyboard Fleksy comes with a new structure and deal with Giphy

لوحة مفاتيح Fleksy تأتي بمزايا جديدة وتتكامل مع Giphy

There is no shortage of apps keyboards on the store Google Play, always and never care about the user what’s best for her, although we talked about the panel Fleksy are the top five, and sometimes prefer other Friday, generally in the new update the color of the Android carries the version number of the Fleksy 9.7.6 came to painting a couple of new features to both products strongly to users of color.

The first feature in improving the process of touch typing, where as of this version will be able to users from prolonged pressure on the space bar and move either towards the left or right to adjust the position of the cursor in the text box.

Also there is integration with the platform Giphy, therefore, will this version file the GIF is the greatest for users, and finally there is a set of improvements to the performance and speed of painting, finally, if you’re interested you can try to update Fleksy downloaded for free from here.

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