Keyboard computers MacBook Pro new become better at repelling dust


The company Apple recently upgraded computers to MacBook Pro, it has been observed that the keyboard on the new models somewhat quieter compared to the keyboard used in the previous models. As you probably know, has received Apple’s many complaints due to mechanical problems in the keyboard used in the previous generation of computers MacBook Pro, has approved Apple recently those problems and launched a program to fix computers eligible users free of charge. The company conducted some minor changes on the keyboard in the computers MacBook Pro the new to become the best in keeping out dust.

The team iFixit specialized in equipment dismantling work dismantling the keyboard’s own by 15-inch MacBook Pro 2018 new and found that the keyboard now includes a membrane of silicone under each button to ensure that the ingress of dust and other particles like a girl inside. I have bought many of the users of the damage to the buttons because of that in the previous models.

Proposed patent belonging to Apple back in March of this year that the company has explored this method to determine the resistance of the dust in the keyboard. The description of the patent that the mechanism of this protection will be effective in preventing contaminants such as dust and crumbs from entering the keyboard and causing damage to the buttons. It seems that the membrane of silicon does not connect to the base of the button so when it is pressed because there is a gasket between them.

This helps to ensure that the separation of the membrane from the norm even when using the keyboard. It has been said also that the new keyboard has become a little quieter because of this membrane the new.


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