Keyboard Brydge will help you convert iPad Pro 2018 for a laptop looks like a MacBook


When Apple announced for the iPad Pro 2018 new, the company also detects a new keyboard called Smart Keyboard Folio, but this keyboard gives users two different angles to watch the tablets. However, if you want more freedom when it comes to choosing the viewing angle and the buttons better, I may have Brydge a suitable solution for you.

The company recently launched a new keyboard for your iPad Pro 2018 New. As you can see in the picture above, the way in which designed this keyboard to make it able to turn your iPad Pro 2018 include the MacBook, this is a design that is not necessarily a bad thing. Also because of the way they designed this keyboard, you can already change the status of the iPad Pro 2018 more freely.

Details relating to the keyboard of the new company Brydge very few at the moment, so it is unclear whether this keyboard will work with the tablet, the iPad Pro 2018 using the Smart ( Smart Connector ) in the back or if it will work on Bluetooth technology note that the latter is the most common means to connect the keyboard with the tablet devices, but the downside of this solution is the need to charge the keyboard separately.

This is the opposite of the Smart ” Smart Connector”, which says to charge the keyboard while you use it, as long as the tablet is fully charged, there is no need to worry about running out of power from the keyboard. There is currently no information about the price, but it was the keyboards of the former company Brydge cost 140$ and 150$ respectively, so we believe that the new keyboard will be the same price or the price of comparable.



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