Key trends that will shape the technology sector, through 2019

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أبرز التوجهات التي ستشكل قطاع التكنولوجيا خلال عام 2019

Saw 2018 a lot of technological development, where technology has become now is the basis of almost all industries – from building construction to health care management to food production and much more – there is no doubt that there are a lot of directions of technology that are supposed to reshape the industries in the year 2019 in the coming years also.

A report by research firm CB Insights, the most important expectations that will shape the technology sector in the year 2019, through compilation of opinions of industry analysts at CB Insights Analysis Research Notes, data reports for the current year.

Here are the highlights of the orientation of technology for 2019:

1 – cloud computing

أبرز توجهات التكنولوجيا لعام 2019 والتي ستظل مهمة حتى 2028

It was the year 2018 is the year of the rise of the cloud, where they sought all technology companies to control on the part of the market this technology in the future, for example, gained buy the services sector, Amazon Web AWS with VMware a great success, as shown by the ambitions of giant e-commerce Amazon to dominate the cloud computing services.

It was the first quarter of this year, good for Microsoft in all areas, especially cloud computing services, the company said Google set to Korean Thomas Kurian director of the Department of cloud computing the previous in Oracle to run its platform of cloud, and in the same context, the company developed the IBM section IBM Cloud Computing Hybrid Cloud, andacquired a company to Red Hat for open-source software versus $ 34 million, which is considered the largest acquisition made in the field of software until now.

The increased use of cloud computing, particularly this year in large companies increased by 21 % compared to the year 2014, predicts Gartner that by the year 2028 there will be a steady increase in the use of cloud computing services.

Major providers of cloud services through 2018:

  • Amazon through its sector AWS
  • Microsoft through its platform Azure Azure
  • Google company through Google Cloud Platform
  • Chinese Alibaba Group
  • Oracle

أبرز توجهات التكنولوجيا لعام 2019

2 – Artificial Intelligence

أبرز توجهات التكنولوجيا لعام 2019 والتي ستظل مهمة حتى 2028

Organized institutions to control digital it is the core part of the strategies of its business to better compete in the market, feel the business leaders to artificial intelligence as the main engine for the digital.

There’s still a lot of future work in this area as evidenced by the presence of artificial intelligence in many areas such as health care and financial transactions, transportation systems, electricity networks, payment systems, and armament, according to the company Gartner to be used institutions artificial intelligence by the largest up to 40% automate its work in 2019, is expected to reach the value of the business derived from artificial intelligence to 3.9 trillion by the year 2022.

3 – the Internet of Things Internet of things

أبرز توجهات التكنولوجيا لعام 2019 والتي ستظل مهمة حتى 2028

By the year 2028 will be the technologies of the Internet of things in every place where they will be in everything we interact with almost, both in smart homes or bus stations, or even wearable devices Wearable Devices, etc., will assist on the development and the spread of 5G.

Company expects the conversions Forrester to the application of the B2B sector for the Internet of things will significantly increase in the next year, and expects that 85% of companies will implement or plan to implement IoT solutions in the year 2019, it is expected in particular that the recognition in the sectors of manufacturing, health care, retail and utilities.

According to the company IndustryARC, expected to reach the market of Internet of things industrial to more than $ 123 billion by 2021, as shown by the report of the site Statista , it is expected that the implementation of the manufacturing industries, transport services, logistics, utilities and $ 40 million each on the platform and services of the Internet of things by the year 2020.

4- Quantum Computing Quantum computing

أبرز توجهات التكنولوجيا لعام 2019 والتي ستظل مهمة حتى 2028

It is expected that by the year 2028 will be quantum computing Quantum computing is sophisticated and prosperous, but at present is still in the early stages of development, so that the performance of the parallel scalability for computers quantity indicate that they excel at addressing the very complex problems of traditional systems or when compared to time-consuming traditional algorithms to reach a solution.

The sector of the automotive industry, financial institutions, insurance, and pharmaceutical industries, military industries, research institutions benefited the most from the computing quantity.

They certainly won’t replace computing models standard, simply because the dialogue is classic very good at solving many of the problems of daily computing, but there is a category of problems that make quantum computers much better. Is likely that at least in this time frame will be to use quantum computers in the same way as the use of units of the graphics processing (GPU) today; see accounts of very difficult that will overwhelm the CPU.

5 – techniques to block the Chi blockchain

أبرز توجهات التكنولوجيا لعام 2019 والتي ستظل مهمة حتى 2028

Work techniques to block the chi and is one of the types of electronic records, on the re-formulation of the structure of the industry by providing transparency, reducing the friction between business systems, what will lead the result to lower costs, reduce time to conduct and settle transactions, and improve the flow of cash.

The development of techniques to block the Chi is rapidly increasing as all industries and companies either they rely or plan to rely on them in the future, where is called the Blockchain documented large-scale transactions at any time remove the need for intermediaries and thus reducing costs.

Most leading technology companies to adopt the techniques of block Qi introduced their own programs based on this technique to drive the process of development, where the company launched the IBM platform, IBM Blockchain last year to no cooperation with banks, governments, distributors and more of these products. As the company has achieved Microsoft, Amazon and Oracle made significant progress in adopting this technology.


The gate Arab News Technical key trends that will shape the technology sector, through 2019

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