Key features of the phone Oppo Reno

Revealed the Oppo recently announced phones, the new Renault, which is enjoying one of the copy abilities of the approximation of the characteristic up to 10x which allows it to compete with other phones of the New launched market. But, this is not the only advantage to the phone, so let’s take a look at the 5 best features in the smartphone.

Optical zoom 10x

Will definitely continue to water the bigger is the sensor, optical zoom 10x, since that offered the Oppo this technology at MWC this year, we waited to see her in show business, has now become the highest optical zoom available at all in the smart phone, it has become possible thanks to the design of the sensor, where the phone has a sensor telephoto f / 3.0 with 13 maps length focal length of 160 mm, and has the sensor also System OIS Hybrid to help capture pictures and Videos free of camouflage.

Specification pioneer

The phone incorporates a processor Snapdragon 710, which is the latest processors Qualcomm, which is a very powerful and effective, and it works with random access memory “RAM” capacity 6/8 gigabytes, and 256 gigabytes of internal storage, making it more than enough to run all games, and includes a lot of advantages of artificial intelligence, also supports the processor also has a network 5G.

Apart from the processor, the phone has a headphone jack 3.5 mm, NFC, microphones, and GPS dual-frequency.

Front camera unique

Other than the rear camera unique, the Oppo Reno has a new type of cameras pop-up, called the company the name of the camera, Shark Fin pop-up, because it looks like a shark fin when they appear, and a front camera with 16 maps and flash in front of me, and puts the back side of The Flash to the camera the background, according to the two it will work without crashes for more than five years if you use it 100 times a day, as you get the advantage of fall detection, which would make her indulge automatically to protect it during a fall.

Cameras background of the trilogy

The phone features the preparation of a camera background of the three, has talked before about the sensor Telefutura, and now we’ll talk about the master of others, where there is a Sony sensor IMX586 essentially strictly 48 maps f / 1.7 is equipped with OIS, which makes the pictures look fantastic, and can capture 4K videos at 60 FPS, This is accompanied by the sensor’s wide-angle with 8 maps f / 2.2 with the angle of vision of 120 degrees, and all of them have autofocus laser as well.

A panoramic screen

In the front you’ll find big screen free of dialogue, where the phone features a screen amold Full HD + and the measurement of 6.65 inch with protection of Gorilla Glass drinking 6, with the edges thin at the bottom, and the device on the ratio of screen-to-body $ 93.1 per cent, and also contains a fingerprint scanner is a built-in screen to unlock the phone.

Large battery charge high-speed

The phone has a battery with a capacity of 3765 mAh, which supports fast charging VOOC 3.0, the company says that it is faster by 23% than the previous generation.

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