Keepsafe browser quick new and on Android

Keepsafe متصفّح جديد سريع وخاص على أندرويد

Do we have enough security apps on Android yet? Where each week is filled with new releases, top apps security similar, and at this point everyone finds it difficult to trust that any one of them, but maybe that’s not fair for the development of Keepsafe, where it seems that the developer does not take her work seriously.

In respect of the application is the latest application to browse the internet on the Android platform, where it was built safely, it is designed to protect your privacy, as well as a fast browser and special, and can also be locked with a password, and most importantly his support for blocking ads and other followers that you choose and your privacy.

Do not expect the secure browser with a password so that also supports a fingerprint, not to mention his support to open the windows as much as you want without any limits, there is a perception daemon, which supports the clear all browsing data and not leave any records immediately out of it, and on the subject pointed out the team work of the application that the application of this :

“Protects your personal space, we are designing simple applications for privacy enables you to enjoy the convenience of your mind, we focus on making our applications and our service is easy to use and safe, so as to improve your digital life”

Finally browser Keepsafe is available to download for free and full of on store Google Play, supports Android 5.0 the latest.

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