Kazakhstan banned the advertising of crypto-currencies and ICO

In March, the Central Bank of Kazakhstan announced the intention to prepare amendments to tighten regulation of cryptocurrency in the country. We are talking about banning buying coins in the national currency and mining. Now the regulator has decided to go further and ban advertising of cryptocurrency in the media. About it writes Sputnik Kazakhstan.

The cryptocurrency is banned

According to the head of the national Bank Daniyar Akishev, “be right” to ban advertising and ICO digital money similar to how it did Facebook, Google, Twitter and other companies. The official added that the regulator intends to ban the issue and distribution of coins.

The cryptocurrency, which the miner gets a reward for his services, also will not be recognized as an asset, financial instrument or the value on the territory of Kazakhstan.

The timing of the introduction of the ban Akishev not call, noting that changes can come into force in the near future.

Earlier, the Russian Association of cryptocurrency and blockchain announced the filing of a lawsuit against Google, Twitter and Facebook. The occasion was a ban on advertising of coins on these sites. Later, the suit was joined by the self-regulatory organization from Switzerland, Kazakhstan and Armenia.

According to management, the Association will prepare the suit by may. Served in new York. E-wallet to collect donations to pay for the work of lawyers will register in Estonia.

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