Kaspersky trained Russian cosmonauts on E-security

Kaspersky trained Russian cosmonauts on E-security

Announced Kaspersky for the conclusion of a partnership with the center of the Yuri Gagarin Cosmonaut Training in the Star City Russian, which is being prepared astronauts from all over the world to go to space. It is estimated that the company offers in the framework of this cooperation, special training for the astronauts the Russians, as well as the specialists with the information in the center, to educate them on the current landscape of cyber security.

And continue space exploration and development with the availability of progress in the technical field, what needs insurance protection to the technical in order to ensure protection for the situation in the space sector, if a cyber-attack on the areas of normal, daily life is expensive and leads to serious consequences, may be similar threats even more devastating if you target the space sector. And Kaspersky special training courses in the field of electronic security, work security experts the world of television in the global research and analysis team of the company the definition of the astronauts, current and future, next to the professionals working in this field, the basics of cyber security. And acting interns on a wide range of topics, including the different types of cyber threats threats to the space sector, and what the target of cybercriminals, as well as the diverse methods that they follow in their attacks electronic.

The center Yuri Gagarin Cosmonaut Training Space Agency Russian Federal is located in the Star City near Moscow, the International facility for training astronauts from around the world in collaboration with the space agencies of various countries, such as the agency aviation and Aerospace America (NASA) and the Canadian Space Agency and the European Space Agency and the Japan Aerospace and others. Complemented by astronauts in their training at this centre passed the most important tests that are done before they head off to space.

On this occasion, expressed Eugene Kaspersky, CEO of Kaspersky, is proud to provide support for this “national centre of professional, which was founded with the beginning of the era of space exploration, and became aware now astronauts from all over the world,” saying that it is interesting “to participate actively in the recycling of the wheels of scientific progress, the humanitarian,” he said “I visited the center Yuri Gagarin Cosmonaut Training in 2012 in the tour tests the unique conducted by the astronauts there within their preparations to travel to space, and touch as the facility is unusual as enjoy vitality in the field of human exploration of space”.

Supports Center Yuri Gagarin human exploration of space since almost 60 years, and was at the forefront of the first manned flight applied to the space in the world, has been supervised since then many other achievements in this area, such as the first trip carrying a woman into space and the first mission spacewalk and regular flights to space stations. The Centre the process of choosing the astronauts, training, vetting, medical, and infrastructure unique consist of simulation systems variety. Systems include the simulation of the centrifuge, in which the astronauts one of the most difficult tests that assessed their interaction and their greater tolerance, which exceeds levels that have been tested in the scope of Earth’s gravity.

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From his part, expressed Pavel Vlasov, head of the center Yuri Gagarin Cosmonaut Training, His Excellency, his partnership agreement with “a leading company honors in the field of information security”, saying that the centre and Kaspersky “together, impose them” in the light of their pursuit of continuing to be a “race of the two at the forefront”, he added: “Despite the different field of work, we share the same values based on a passion for science, innovation and a sincere desire to achieve goals, I am confident that the center of the Yuri Gagarin Cosmonaut Training would be able to reach new heights in its standing offer satellite programmes and manned with the support of a global company such as Kaspersky”.

And Kaspersky, as a company with a futuristic look, to support initiatives relating to science and space exploration. Supports the company in this framework, since the year 2016, the festival “Star v” international science, art and music, which combines the finest scientists and artists and Legends of explorers in space with the aim of inspiring the next generation of owners of the top minds. Has been erected the past session of the festival “Star V” in “S-T-ETH Zurich”, Switzerland. Hosts Kaspersky, in cooperation with the magazine “Monocle”, a series of codes audio (podcast) dedicated to the future of space security, and cyber security, you can follow them on the internet.

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