Kaspersky refuses to claim a monopoly against Apple on the background of the Prohibition of their application on the App Store

Kaspersky ترفع دعوى احتكار ضد آبل على خلفية حظر تطبيقها على App Store

Raised cyber-security firm Kaspersky Lab has sued Apple out of respect after the recent prohibition of the application by Kaspersky Safe Kids on App Store App Store, where the ban came after the reported Apple TV Kaspersky to its application violates the policies followed for the licensing of similar applications that operate on the data display to use for various applications “Screen Time”.

According to the code of the company they filed a lawsuit yesterday March 19, the committee to combat acts of the Russian, adding that Apple has resorted to this action and rely on the availability of their application on the App Store after it is released to improve the iOS 12, which is characterized by providing a property of Screen Time, which can be customized by the system itself.

In come case Kaspersky this in a similar context tothe issue of Spotify against Apple for the method of the Reserve as described, when I thought Spotify in its case for the imposition of the Apple 30% of the total contributions, which is owned by which will, of course, to raise the subscription price to compensate for cash by the company, will become the service Apple TV Music lower price thereby causing damage to specify the interest will be on the Apple TV.

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